Sunday, January 27, 2019

At My Front Door Crazy Little Mama by The El Dorados

This great hit was released in 1955. The recording is really clean for the era. Most studios still had trouble with drums, but it sounds like a full drum kit here. Great record all around. 

I woke up yesterday and within an hour or so my entire head was taken over by this song. I hadn't heard it for a long time; I wasn't thinking about it at all; but there it was. I've been thinking about it for thirty-six hours now. Why? 

Things just pop into our dreams unbidden, often in response to some unfinished inquiry that our mind has been chewing on. I think that this song may have invaded my subconscious because, tell me if I'm wrong, it seems to begin with a presentation of the chorus. 

My notes go like this: chorus; verse; verse; chorus; sax solo; verse; chorus; nice, long ending. 

This is always interesting to me, because Beatle maniacs love to claim that a major proof of the genius of the Beatles was beginning She Loves You with the chorus. They claim that no one had ever done this before, which is a silly thing to say, the long history of pop music being what it is.  

I would love to hear a comment from someone who had a much better understanding of the song form and musical theory than I do. I'm just some kind of gadfly-hobbyist-know-it-all. Help me out here. 

(Watch, the comment will be from a Beatle fan, telling me how wrong I am, and how great they are!) 

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