Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Tielman Brothers - Black Eyes Rock (guitar instrumental) indo rock live ...

I traveled to Jakarta in July and I can tell you, if I never go back to Indo, it'll be too soon. The best thing about the trip was that it made returning to my home in Bangkok seem like returning to Beverly Hills. 

But I have learned over the years that Indo is a very happening place musically speaking. I've watched Indo TV variety shows over the years and the bands have always seemed very professional and lively. They love American country music in Indo, the OG country music, and although it can be a bit disconcerting to see a big belt buckle and hat Indo band in western garb belting out American country, the music itself has always been first class in my opinion. 

The Tielman Brothers were the real deal. All four were actually brothers, and they played up a storm in Indo, then Europe, and then Australia. They're all dead now, so RIP boys. Thanks for everything.

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