Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Seven Deadly Sins, Presidential Edition

Saligia! The mnemonic for the Seven Deadly Sins in Latin.*

1.   Superbia (Pride);
2.   Avaeritia (Greed);
3.   Luxuria (Lust);
4.   Invidia (Envy);
5.   Gula (Gluttony);
6.   Ira (Wrath); and
7.   Acedia (Sloth).

Most of us have a touch of these things in us, more or less. Like the professionals say, it’s not a problem unless it affects your life, or the lives of loved ones. Some people are experts in many or most of these things. They’re going to hell for sure.

The only person that I can think of who excels at all seven is President Donald John Trump.

Oh, I hear you say, but President Trump is not lazy at all! Well, it may be technically true that he is busy for much of every day, but he spends much of that time sitting around thinking his horrible thoughts and otherwise violating the other Deadly Sins. He is proud of the fact that he takes no exercise, correctly declining to claim that golf qualifies. And he is certainly lazy-minded. When asked about his favorite book, he seemed to be at a loss to recall just what a book was, exactly. “The Bible!” he finally blurted out, and “The Art of the Deal!” Sad!

Concerning the other six, there is no argument. Guilty!

It’s another interesting point of comparison with our most recent ex-president, Barack Obama. Mr. Obama may be guilty of a touch of pride, although I would argue that even that would be forgivable. Of the rest, Mr. Obama is innocent. Compared to DJT, Obama is a saint.

You may apply the list to other recent presidents if you wish. It’s an interesting exercise. Of the saints, there is room for discussion. Who is the most innocent of the bunch? But of the sinners, it’s really no contest. We have a winner! Ladies and gentlemen! President Donald J. Trump!  

*I learned about Saligia in Dan Brown’s latest railway novel, Inferno. 

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