Monday, August 1, 2016

Cream - Anyone For Tennis

Good song; fun video. But wait, what's this all about?

If I recall, and I should check this, "Anyone for Tennis?" was Cream's first single. Even if it wasn't, it's a pretty strange cut. If I were ever to interview Eric or Ginger, one of my early questions would be, "what were you thinking?" Throw the dogs off the hunt? Freak people out? Just a big tease? What the . . .

But, a good song, and a fun video.

(And a hearty RIP for Jack Bruce, who has left the building. Fare thee well, b'hoyo.)

Post Google note: Nope, not the first single. That would be Wrapping Paper in 1966. Anyone for Tennis was released as a single in 1968. It was written for, and used in, a movie. That's why it's such an outlier in Cream's catalog.

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