Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Heard You Missed Me

How's that title for wishful thinking?

I've been busy, and that other thing that can make a blogger go quiet.  One month in America, denied access by my friends at Google.  Came back to teach the summer term.  Then proctoring tests.  Then moving to a new (rented) condo.  It's been a busy, slightly stressful time.

Just settling into the new place now.  Very interesting.  It's on the 12th floor and it has a nice view.  One great component of the view is that I'll be able to watch them build this thing.  The tallest building in South East Asia at a proposed 615 meters.  The Rama IX Super Tower, named for Thailand's king, I'm pretty sure, although it does front on Rama IX Road.  Okay, both named for the king, most likely.  125 floors!  Not a bad design, to my eye.

So don't worry, I'm fine.  More wishful thinking! 

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PWinn said...

Good to see you back. It’s going to be very interesting to see that tower going up. It looks cool. I’m actually envious.