Wednesday, November 28, 2012

jimi hendrix Stone Free on belgium tv

Jimi and the White Guys lip-synching on Belgian TV.  Not even trying really, the boy was super-casual, after all.  Looking good though. 

Jimi would have turned 70 on November 27th this year.  Just a reminder to the rest of us, the living, the survivors, of how lucky we are to have made it this far.  Not cool at all to complain about being old.  The alternatives, you know, are less than desirable. 

Fun Fact:  the actual drums in this actual video, not just drums that look the same, were traded in to a place on 48th Street in New York within a year or so of this video.  They were purchased by a friend of mine, and I actually sat at them and played them a couple of times.  Very nice set of Pearls, custom finish, very distinctive.  Fun, these little personal ties to history. 

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