Friday, September 24, 2010

Party Girls, Teacher's Retirement Party, Pitsanalok, Thailand

This was a nice party for a friend of mine, a grade school art teacher out in the woods in Pitsanalok. The band was these two girls and the keyboard player seen here, plus another guy singer.

The food was good too, and it was a drinking crowd, there was a bottle of Hong Thong Thai whiskey on every table, with more to back that up. (I can't drink the stuff, it's made from rice, very sweet. Luckily, I B'd my own B.)


Anonymous said...

Does the sign translate to "me love you long time, $10 ea, $20 both"?

fred c said...

Be careful! Most Thai women by far are very modest and proper. Some, maybe these two, have very few good job alternatives but try very hard to find alternatives to, you know, what you said.

Anonymous said...

Those are mens from the other planets!

B'd your own B? You has a frask?

I say sincerely FredC, You smart to avoit that Trong smelly wisky! Or maybe diabetes in the future for you!

!! Verner

fred c said...

Welcome, Verner, to my world! My flask is very practical: a recycled drinking-water bottle.