Monday, April 13, 2009

Revellions Mania!

And I am fucking serious about the Revellions, you need to listen to this shit right now. (Second post down.) It’s even new, like this year, like 710 views new, I ain’t all about the old days.

Skip back a bit if you don’t like the first cut. This video is a whole nine minute set!

I’m not trying to control you all or anything, but even if I were, so what, there’s only like nine of you, how much harm could I do?

Additional Revellions here:

218 views! How new is that! Five Stars, and not by me!


Anonymous said...

Wow a real live punk band!

fred c said...

Is that sarcasm? Like in that movie, "Lake Placid?"

Or like Keith Richards, when asked about Nirvana, "yeah, long hair, guitars, I know about that."

But it's still a good thing to set up and do it, and to make a good job of it besides.