Thursday, July 5, 2007

Do You Want to Proceed?

Do you want to proceed?

The security certificate for this site is either expired or has not yet been validated.

Do you want to proceed?

Well, do you, punk?

I'm off to Malaysia for VISA purposes. Indian food, Muslim food, and if I can I'll take a ride as far up the Petronas Towers as they let you go.

Do you want to proceed?

I must click that thing five times to get on the Hotmail site, but only once to get on g-mail. Does Microsoft really trust google more than they trust themselves?

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Anonymous said...


it's elle! do you remember me? alex's (wonderful, remarkable, sweet, charming) girlfriend!!! haha-

how are you? happy belated 4th of july... we went to annie's yesterday and she told me about your blog!

i LOVE IT!!! so- are things tubular in thailand, actually? do you post any pictures or anything?

anyway- i just wanted to say hi. i hope you're having a great day.