Friday, December 7, 2018

Little Junior's Blue Flames Mystery Train SUN 192

Pat Hare is listed as a member of the band on this cut. I think that he does a fine job, too, but what a difference a year makes! The cut below is a solo effort from about a year later, and something has happened in the meantime. Here, he plays it pretty clean and he plays the part as it was written. One year later he had the throttles wide open all the way. What happened? 

 Either he could be a disciplined player when he felt like it, or he could do what he was told when he was getting paid by someone else, or he only discovered that heavy overdriven distortion in between these two cuts, or he just got a new big Fender amp, or he amped up his drinking, we may never know. 

One thing for sure. With a resume that includes that nuts sound later on, and being in the band playing the solo on this cut, and leading a prison band called "Sounds Incarcerated," Pat gets a spot in Rock n' Roll history. 

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