Sunday, November 5, 2017

Little Junior Parker / Driving Wheel

Driving Wheel, by the ever entertaining Junior Parker and a very, very talented band.

The comments are respectful for a change, with none of the "which version is the best" crapola. Funny too, as usual. Junior Parker was Al Green's cousin? (Maybe.) The guitar player is Clarence Holliman? Or, the guitar player is Pat Hare, but then a sub-comment says no, that's impossible, Pat Hare was already in prison for murder. (I hate to quote YouTube comments, because of the second-hand slander.) The guitarist is Wayne Bennett? (I'm leaning in this direction. I love Wayne, and although his style is never as easy to peg as, let's say, one of the King boys, this sounds like it could be his work.)

Great cover!

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