Tuesday, November 14, 2017

DANNY GATTON mistery train thats allright mama my baby left me

The subject of Danny Gatton came up yesterday on Facebook.  A "Memory" from three years ago, a post by me of a nice cut of a Marshall Crenshaw song, "Someday, Someway," featuring Robert Gordon and Danny Gatton. The link still worked, and Danny always makes me smile.

Looking around today I found this video. When Danny really got rolling, I was just sitting here laughing. Man, is that even legal? "We've got a new record out on Electra," says Danny by way of introduction. "Been trying for about fifty years to get a record deal, and we finally made it." Of course it finally got to Danny in the end, the lack of recognition. He was one of those guys that would much rather be working on a car, alone, than getting out, meeting people, and getting famous.

Chalk it up to depression. Another brother gone too soon, with so much to give.

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