Saturday, April 15, 2017

President DJT's Official Portrait

This official portrait is Donald Trump attempting to look tough, and failing miserably. This is what passes for a tough guy look in a bad Hollywood movie (think Steven Seagal.) When real tough guys turn their evil eyes upon you, it's a totally different effect. Yes, I'm sure. 

Really dangerous tough guys either look at you with a face that is so emotionless and relaxed that you'd wonder if they were actually dead, or a face that is full of excitement and joy at the thought of fucking you up. Brother, I hope that you never encounter either one. 

This Trump face in the photo is only the face of an over-sized, rich-kid bully who is trying to intimidate you. Trust me, just smack him and he'll start to sob like a baby. Yes, I'm sure. Just look at the way he folds when he meets with world leaders and they don't just start to cry and give up when he turns this super-tough-guy look on them. Or the way that they fail to be intimidated when The Donald "viciously" reaches out for a handshake and tries to twist their arm into submission. It's an act, and they know it. And not a great act, either. Maybe it works on other punk businessmen, but it is all a futile exercise on people who are actually somewhat tough, like Angela Merkel of Germany or President Xi of China. If DJT tried that handshake on a really tough man, he'd end up on his back with tears in his eyes. 

For the record, I am not now, nor have I ever been, tough. But I did grow up in a town where really tough boys were quite numerous, and the rest of us had to run into them on a regular basis and learn to deal with them. That would be College Point, in the Borough of Queens, in New York City, in the 1950s and 1960s. I've seen the real thing, and I've seen the style that Pres. Trump is now trying to use. The Trump style gets its ass kicked every time, often by guys that are way down the pecking order of toughness. Trump grew up in Queens, too, but being rich I'm sure that he missed the worst of it. I'm pretty sure that pushing his prosperous friends around gave him a false sense of power, which has only gotten worse the richer he has become. If he'd gone to the same schools that I attended, he'd have been knocked down a peg or two, that's for sure. 

Trump is trying desperately hard to be tough, but being tough is a little bit like being cool. Either you have it, or you don't. You can't try to be cool, or tough.  Trying is futile; it never works. Trying to be tough is . . . sad!!!

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