Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Queen's Speech - Addressing The Poor From A Golden Chair? Russell Br...

How much fucking trouble are we in if Russell Brand is one of our principal voices of reason? Seriously, it reminds me of that old Whoopie Goldberg routine from 1980 or so, the Fontaine routine. Remember that one? "Fontaine: Why I Got Straight." It's on the YouTube. That was a hysterical bit right there. Fontaine goes on about how the Reagan era is totally fucked up, not to mention reality itself being totally fucked up as well, and then she says, "I got straight for this?" Well, Russell Brand got straight and he noticed some very similar bullshit himself. I am informed, and believe, that when people get straight after spending years and years in a state that requires all of their attention, they have time on their hands in which to do . . . what? They need to find shit to do. I, for one, thank God that Russell Fucking Brand has decided to devote his "time on his hands" to helping the rest of us figure out this modern world in all of its terrible complexity. He's a lovely man, highly intelligent, and his heart is in the right place. Thanks, Russ!

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