Saturday, December 17, 2016

Bobby Womack on Letterman

Very interesting performance by Bobby Womack on the Letterman show, a long, long time ago. When we all had hair!

Good performance, and a nice interview too. The Womack Brothers first record was "It's All Over Now," and it's a great record at that. It was never a big hit though, not for them anyway. The Rolling Stones got hold of it and then, wow, it was a certified hit. Bobby says that at first he was pissed, but after the first royalty check came in he was cool with it.

And so, boys and girls, the lesson is: the music business is all about the publishing. To make a living singing and playing, you'll be working your little hoofies to the quick and going home broke. Write the songs and get the publishing and you'll be sitting back at the crib with your feet up getting checks in the mail. Thus endeth the lesson.  

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