Friday, December 30, 2016

Barbara Lynn

And not a pick in sight! Great feel all around. Nice guitars, too.

Barbara's Esquire even has what we used to call the "Ash Tray" in place (the pick-up cover). Really, you don't see a lot of Esquires out there. It's just a Telecaster without the neck pick-up. So what do you save by buying it, twenty bucks? Lots of Tele players never turn on the neck pick-up, but for an extra twenty bucks, what the fuck, I'll take the neck pick-up too, just in case.

Telecasters, Esquires, either way you'll be hard pressed to find one with the Ash Tray in place, or even in the case. Those things just got lost. I made a conscious effort to preserve mine, but nope, it's gone. I've still got the original sales slip, but the Ash Tray is lost to history. No worries, though. The thing sounds great without it.

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