Thursday, November 24, 2016

Facebook Vacation Time; Trump Edition

I'm on Facebook vacation.

I've been up on the Facebook since 2008 or something, and I have enjoyed it more often than not. I have reconnected with many people that were friends of mind back in the teen years, and I've met and come to love many people who were neighbors but not friends back in  the past, or who are friends of friends, or who just grew up close to me but too remotely to get to know back then. I'll be back, Facebook, but please, God, give me two or four weeks to catch my breath.

Facebook, let's be honest, helped Donald Trump win this election. All of those bullshit memes about Hillary carried water for Trump.

And were they really bullshit? Or am I just a Libtard? Well yes, I am a Libtard AND they were really bullshit. Like that photo of Florence Henderson playfully grabbing a hot guy's crotch with the heading, "Is this the woman that you want in the White House?" (Ms. Henderson was wearing a pants suit and was photographed from an angle. Her hair style is much like Ms. Clinton's. Their figures are much the same.) Well no, no one wants Florence Henderson in the White House, now that you mention it. THANKS, FACEBOOK!

We live in a zero accountability world. Voting irregularities? Shuuuuuuush!!! We need to maintain faith in the system!!!

So I'm just backing away from the Social Media Failed Experiment right now. I'll stick with the blogging  aspect, partly because I think that there's more substance here and partly because I get more out of writing pieces that take more than a heartbeat to read. Selfish as usual! There's a lot of it going around.

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