Thursday, August 11, 2016

One In A Million - Fredereek Hernando 1967!

Well, this is interesting. An issue of first impression, as the judges say when you've stumped them.

I was following my nose over at Google, reading about the Small Faces after listening to their old singles here on the 'Tube. The Small Faces reconstituted in the late Seventies, after the Faces/Humble Pie hiatus. Jimmy McCulloch was in the band for two years. "I know that name," says I.

He played with Wings, but that's all I knew about him. So off to ask Professor Google. The adorational article referred to this single by Jimmy's first band. Jimmy was born in 1953; this record was released in 1967. That's some impressive math.

Impressive song, too. It's so great to be able to reach right out and find this stuff. The Wiki said that this is a fabulously expensive record by now, and I believe them. It's high-period psychedelia, way obscure in its day but then the guitar player got famous.

Terrible death for Jimmy. Dead at 26 or 27, you know, the lifestyle thing. "No one knew that he was abusing opiates . . ." That's never surprising. Some of those junkies are very clever. I mean that in a good way. Getting caught out is the stupid bit.

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