Monday, February 2, 2015

In Nakorn Sri Tammarat

I was down south on a teaching trip this weekend.  So yeah, it was interesting.

This was in Nakorn Sri Tammarat, south of almost all of Thailand but north of the real trouble.  This area has been settled for about six thousand years by folks that were on their way to becoming modern Thais.  So it's a real mix of cultural influences, and that helps the food situation out a lot.

You've got your Thai food; you've got your southern food; you've got your Muslim food; you've got your Indian food; you've got your top-drawer sea food; and you've got your dim-sum too. 

This was part of my nutritious breakfast on Saturday.  With a cafe-boraan too!  A traditional Thai coffee!  I try to keep those to a minimum, because they're a cholesterol nightmare.  Strong drip coffee with a goodly dollop of sweetened condensed milk, which in Thailand is about thirty-six percent palm oil (plus sugar, for good measure).

Breakfast of Champions!

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