Thursday, August 7, 2014

Chet Atkins - "Autumn Leaves"

And speaking of real musicians!  How about this Chet right here? 

On the Facebook the other day I was seeing something about "the greatest guitar player" and all of that.  People on numerous posts were naming the usual suspects, all big time rock star guitar-slingers.  Heavy on the old timers, because most of the people who think in those terms remember, you know, Eric and Jimi and the gang. 

I never like to pick one person as the greatest, or the most beautiful, or anything.  I threw Danny Gatton into the mix.  No comment on that one. 

But what about Chet Atkins?  How great is this cut right here?  And he could do it all, and did in fact do it all for a long and wildly distinguished career.  And live!  And he had fun doing it.  Just sayin'. 

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