Monday, August 11, 2014

Another Nice Party

We had a nice birthday party for my friend Jee yesterday, that's her on the left.  It was also Mothers' Day in Thailand, celebrated on the Queen's birthday.  The party was in a private room at a good "Chinese Seafood" restaurant in Bangkok, An An Lao it's called. 

The big surprise of the evening was Jee's daughter "dropping in" from London.  I knew about it, but it was a big surprise for Jee.  Her daughter has been living in England for two years now, and she's doing very well for herself.  She's a Thai lawyer, and after a couple of years scuffling around with unskilled jobs she has finally landed a job with a big international law firm.  She made the trip to celebrate getting her permanent resident card in the U.K., which is like a permanent VISA, sure, good to see you, welcome back!  She expects to have a U.K. passport in another few years.  They make it easy over there, evidently. 

These are nice women, and it was great to see them so happy.

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