Sunday, March 9, 2014

Space Ghost Coast To Coast - Ghost Planet National Anthem

I recently read somewhere that YouTube was every Boomer in the world up-loading the contents of his basement.  They meant it in a good way, lots of sincere people sharing their lifelong love of records and music.  It's that, but it's even more.

 This jam is from a CD that a guy found in a second hand store on an army base in Italy.  Cost him a buck.  It's never been released.  It's from the session where they cut the theme song for "Space Ghost Coast to Coast."  By the great Sonny Sharrock. 

It's always been a puzzlement to me, why did jazz guitar players stick with that old school pitta-patta-pitta-pit-pit-pit style for so long?  I mean I love Kenny Burrell, and a lot of the others, and who doesn't love Wes Montgomery?  But wasn't that jazz guitar style so rigidly conventional and self-limiting?  Big, powerful amps were around, guitars had become wildly versatile.  Why not turn that thing up and show the sax players what for?  One guy did just that.

Sonny Sharrock took the technology and blew the roof right off the M.F.  He should be more famous.

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