Saturday, August 11, 2012

Percy Mayfield - Hit the Road Jack - 1984

Sure, I put this up a couple of years ago, and if you come back in a couple of years I'll put it up again too. 

Percy Mayfield, the Poet of the Blues, covering himself I suppose, he wrote the thing.  Making himself a drink too, Kahlua, whiskey and milk in a plastic cup.  Looks like he went through a windshield at some point, as if his life wasn't hard enough.

He made the best of it though, and quite the little entertainer.  Thanks, Percy, for everything.  Check him out, there's a lot of Percy on the 'Tube and it's all great.  Or buy the Best of, if anybody buys anything anymore.  Don't matter, Percy won't make a nickle on it. 

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