Saturday, January 7, 2012

ABBA Bang-A-Boomerang

A great song from ABBA, and I don't care what anybody says. I took a lot of flack from my LA hep cat friends in the late 70's for loving ABBA (pre-"Dancing Queen" anyway, I embrace the wide range of normality but even I have limits), but I didn't care. I know what I like, and I still love this cut, among others by them.

The pictures that accompany this vid are great, totally revealing of another phenomenon all together. It's always interesting to me how some of these Europeans can seem so hip and so square all at the same time. Did I say square? Doofy, even.

It's the smaller European countries that can pull this off. Holland is my favorite European country, I love the Dutch. They personify this whole thing, the cool/square thing. Definitely go to Holland if you can, it's a great place, but you'll notice that the Dutch dress like blind people who didn't have much of a closet to choose from in the first place. Mixing colors and patterns, weird shirts and combinations, there's a Dutch talk show floating around, check it out and you'll see what I mean.

But ABBA . . . what's not to love?

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