Monday, November 14, 2011

TAB the Band "She Said No (I Love You)".mov

I love this, and I found it in a strange place. It was part of a musical interlude on the Voice of America channel in my guest house in Krabi (see post down a few). So in between Iranian expat's bitching in Farsi about God knows what they'd play a few songs, and this was one of them, "Music Mix USA." This is on a Thai TV, some kind of low-ball cable situation, at a beach resort town. This is a weird new world we live in, my friends.


fred c said...

The comments on the 'Tube for this band say that two of the guys are the kids of Joe Perry from Aerosmith. If that's the case, I'd say that the kids are doing a better job than dad. Me, I wouldn't trade this one song for the entire Aerosmith catalog.

This song, I play it myself, every time I stop by.

Oliver said...

Great song! Very "Stonesy" sound. Have you every listened to any "Brian Jones Town Massacre"? My buddy, JB, put me on to them.


fred c said...

You know, sometimes we're so close to something that we don't hear it. In the way-back, we'd be talking to somebody and then afterwards a friend would say, wow, what a New York accent. Sometimes I didn't hear it at all, it all just sounded normal to me.

Probably the same with the 'Stones.

I like the Brian Jonestown Massacre, and it's a great name, that's for true! Maybe not for everybody, but they walk the walk, or walked it.