Monday, November 14, 2011

Local Transportation In Trang, Thailand

Every place in Thailand has its own variety of local transportation. This beautiful tuk-tuk is in the typical style of Trang. Most of the travelers that I saw in Trang were Thai, like this group taking pictures of each other with the Trang tuk-tuk. Almost no Farang.

Lots of motorcycle taxis too, and song-taow (the pick up trucks with two rows of benches in a covered bed, hence "song-taow," or "two rows"). Not a metered taxi in sight. Some local buses, not many.

Everybody that I met in Trang was just great, very friendly and reasonable. I took a few rides on the motorcycles and a tuk-tuk just like this one (the official color, I think). They always quote a Farang a price that is a little bit high, and here was no exception. All of the drivers thought that it was really outstanding that I could give them shit in Thai about the high quote, though. No hard feelings, more like wow! this Farang knows his stuff! Very good natured. In places where there are lots of tourists, the guys resent not getting the tourist price.


Bill Mlotok said...

So, tourists are commonly initially charged higher prices. In 1970 (I think), I was in Tijuana and was offered an acoustic guitar for something like $125. When I started to bargain in Spanish, the pricew immediately dropped to $75, and I bought it for $50. So, after givin ghte driver some backtalk in Thai, did he come down in price?

fred c said...

Oh, yeah. When they realize that I've been around the block a few times, and here long enough to speak a little, and working for Baht and not some rich tourist, they come down. At the Night Bazaar they might start very high, but the transportation guys usually just want an extra twenty to fifty percent. I take them down just enough to keep my self respect, and then I tip them anyway, so they get the extra. I can afford it. They have families too, I figure.