Monday, July 11, 2011

I Didn't Choose To Be Straight

There's a lot of talk around now about how homosexuals choose that fate. What that thinking process would be predicated on is beyond me. Would it be the frequent blow jobs? The riffing at parties? The nice clothes? The camaraderie? The show tunes? How old is someone when they decide, you know what? Women ain't that special, I'm going for the blow jobs.

It's a mystery to me how anybody who had ever known any homosexuals could think that they weren't born that way. Oh! I get it! They never met any homosexuals!

Except that they have, of course, and more than that, some of them are. Homosexuals, that is. Some of these guys in the news today, straight by declaration, are so nelly that it's ridiculous. You know who they are, giggly little girls in nice suits, men in high places. And it occurs to me that a lot of them decided at some point to be straight. They decided to reject their own homosexual reality and "choose" to be straight. To live a lie is more like it, but this may be how the whole choice thing became real to them. It doesn't change how they were born.

Homosexuality is not a choice.


Anonymous said...

I'm no. 9000, whoo-hoo!!!

Anonymous said...

I dont know about the women you've known, but blow-job frequency has never been a problem!

fred c said...

Maybe I was a little flippant, but the issue is very serious. These people who want to argue that homosexuals "choose that lifestyle" and "have an agenda" are paranoid, and the position is unsupportable.

Anonymous said...

Acountabili-buddy. I love the South Park about this subject. I also love hearing Mr. Michelle Bachman runs this type of program. Wadda-douche