Monday, May 23, 2011

What Not To Name Your Band

I'm just looking up some bands that I found in the "Now Playing/Night Life/Rock and Pop" section of a year old New Yorker magazine. Found some good stuff too, New Bomb Turks ("an explosive garage band of spiky-haired Buckeyes . . ."); WhoMadeWho (Danish, "disco-punk [but] actually remarkably versatile and always entertaining"); Beach Fossils ("Brooklyn favorites offer a moody update on the sun-drenched beach hits of the sixties); Woven Bones (". . . the primal spirit of drugged-out and droning garage punk").

So here's some good advice: when picking a name for your band, don't pick something that won't allow a successful search on YouTube. All of the above bands passed the test, they were easy to find. Then I looked for a band named "Secret History." YouTube listed thousands of vid's about the secret history of everything under the sun, except the band. I was curious, since the band make "lushly emotive pop by adding big guitar hooks to chilly synthesizer work and sweetly harmonized choruses . . ."

Maybe I'll try Google. "Secret History," and "band," maybe add "Lisa Ronson." How to word search is such a critical skill these days.


Anonymous said...

Good point, Fred...hadn't thought about that.
In similar fashion, if you crave anonimity, change your name to Smith or Jones or something similar that will return a billion google hits. Conversely, if you seek attention, have a unique name that is only traceable to you.
(I have an ex-girlfriend who is the only one in the US with her odd name... even with with my weird surname, there are a dozen "Ed S's" in the US.)

Anonymous said...

Video for THE Secret History

This is Johnny Anorka, they also have a video for a song called Johnny Nightmare

Googling 'The Secret History band' brings you their myspace, lastfm and Facebook.