Tuesday, May 3, 2011

For The Brothers, Far From Home

My generation had lots of brothers etc far from home too. There were tons of pop songs about it in the Sixties. For example:

"Jimmy Mack"

"Oh, Jimmy Mack, Jimmy, oh! Jimmy Mack, when are you coming back?"

"Wait 'Till My Bobby Comes Home"

". . . you'd better leave me alone! Sure I need some loving, and kissing and hugging, 'gonna wait until my Bobby comes home."

"My Boyfriend's Back"

(answer to Jimmy Mack) "He was gone for such a long time, (hey now . . !), but now he's back and things'll be fine."

"Mr. Postman"

". . . from my boyfriend so far away . . . is there a card . . . saying he's returning home to me?"

"A Thousand Miles Away"

". . . but I still have your love to remember you by."

"Daddy's Home"

(Answer to "A Thousand Miles Away") "Daddy's home to stay (I'm not a thousand miles away!)"

These were all Vietnam songs, Old School draft songs. Up till '70 or so, everybody had to go, unless you were clever like Newt Gingrich (married his math teacher), or Patrick Buchanan (bad knees, unless he felt like going skiing), the list goes on.

These songs are to be distinguished from jail songs, like "Golden Teardrops," where the enforced absence is do to unfortunate incarceration.

(I had a better list in a notebook, but it's in a box nine time zones away and I can't get to it right this minute.)

Are there any songs now about brothers/boyfriends far off fighting for whatever? I wouldn't even know if there were, probably.


Anonymous said...

"Over There" (WWI)

You're In The Army Now

"Soldier Boy"

All those WWII songs

fred c said...

"Last Train to Clarksville?"