Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Definition Of Marriage

"Marriage is a union between a man and a woman with the aim of procreation." That's the way I learned it at law school, twenty years ago.

People bitching and moaning about gay marriage leave out the last part, the procreation part, which is a problem they don't even know that they have. The financial benefits accruing to marriage exist to assist families with children. So the procreation part is important.

Why should we let homosexuals get married? I mean, beyond the simple fact that it makes sense and seems fair? If they want families, which many of them do, that's another great reason to let them get married.

And if you are a social reactionary who is against homosexual marriage, according to the above definition, shouldn't you also be against people over the age of procreation getting married? Why should two sixty-somethings get married and get the societal perks? Or is companionship, or love, enough for them but not for homosexuals?

If some people would forget about what manipulative so-called social conservatives and self-serving values politicians are shouting in their ears, and think for themselves, this wouldn't even be an issue.


Anonymous said...

You give these folks too much credit, Fred. It's simply the "ick factor" these clods are hung up on, and no amount of rational argument will overcome it.

fred c said...

Yeah, probably. Maybe I though that if I ignored it, it would go away.

Anonymous said...

Well I want to marry my dog Hairy Shedder :)

nanute said...

@anonymous 9/30/10
Don't go giving Rick Santorum any political cover.
Fred: Silly me. I thought marriage was a contract.

fred c said...

That's the modern idea, Tony. Freedom of contract; freedom of association.

A real problem is that so many people still hold on to the "homosexuality is a choice" idea, which is totally stupid if you've ever actually known any homosexuals.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it the same people who are afraid of immigrants and thereby afraid Alfredo will be able to marry his cousin Jobim, to become a citizen? Am I missing my guess by thinking these same fools are worried that allowing such a 'contract' [thank you council] would then open the door to animals owning property? I mean what is my wife Wooferella gonna do with all the money she gets from the life insurance policy? [I'm confusing myself over here] :)

Mar Vister Boyo