Thursday, January 14, 2010

Obscene Luxury Made Even More Obscene

Asian cable television is largely supported by advertising for luxury goods and services. I may have complained, I mean blogged about this before, I find it very annoying to have this evil, tasteless dreck shoved in my face, and the actors playing the rich clientele, you could just strangle them, with their self-satisfied, idiotic grins.

It hurts my feelings to see these pretend rich people get served gourmet food by fawning air hostesses and tucked into their flat beds with four-hundred-count Egyptian cotton sheets in first class of some airline from a country where Filipino maids make a hundred dollars a month to work 24/7 and get burned with cigarettes if the car is not sufficiently polished before six a.m.

Oh! Lin Ping is waking up! No, he’s just rolling over.

The luxury ads in magazines are different. They’re easier to avoid, I don’t read those luxury oriented magazines anyway, so I don’t have to decide which multi-million dollar wrist watch makes me even sicker than the others. But I do watch CNN and BBC, and it’s all luxury, luxury, luxury.

And these days it’s luxury alternating with the news of the earthquake in Haiti. Man, those people are poor, bereft really, innocent of owning anything beyond a couple of tank tops, some shorts, and a pair of flip-flops. These days they’re all sleeping outdoors, worried about their next meal, and down to just the one tank top, one pair of shorts and lucky if they got out with the flip-flops. Oooh, look at that woman down there! I can only see her head, she’s covered in the debris of a block wall, can we get this shot? I’d say that she was dead, based on the blood around her ears, eyes, nose and mouth, and the fact that she’s not moving. We’ll be right back! After this message about a trophy wife who stops the motorcade to go shopping at Hetiard!

The contrast is sickening. If I feel that way, imagine how the really poor people feel. Even American workers will probably start to get the message eventually. That sucking sound you hear is all of the money rushing to the top one percent. Income inequality is the real global threat for the Twenty-First Century. Think about it.


Anonymous said...

Cullen & I decided to take a gun class. Shoot some ammo, feel powerful. I'll be buying a gun eventually. Why? We fear the right as much as we feel the left with an earthquake in the middle.

Your boy Ols objected to Armageddon. I promise to protect him when he shit hits the fan. He doesnt have to agree.


fred c said...

To paraphrase FDR, the real thing to fear is fear itself.

You just be careful, you. Dem bullets, dem no care 'oo dey 'it!