Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Ex-Presidents

Two ex-presidents have been recruited to lead the efforts to assist the Haitian people after their unfortunate brush with natural selection. One of them is all over the TV, raising money, unloading planes, being charming, saying sensible, compassionate things, being, in general, a mensch and a real leader.

The other one, I haven’t seen him yet. Maybe he’ll hit his stride soon, but if he does, it’ll be the first time. And it is, after all, the football playoff season.


Anonymous said...

Although I'm no fan of President Bush at least he's not saying outrageous stuff like his VP!!

fred c said...

He's not saying anything . . . that would be work!

Cliche Alert: this comment is damning with feint praise.

Cliche Alert II: My response herein is the pot calling the kettle black.