Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Without Satan, The Beatles Would Have Been Nothing

There’s a new book out, “The Lennon Prophecy,” which posits some kind of contract between John Lennon and, could it be? Satan? The writer is a long time Beatles aficionado who at some point said to himself, wait a minute, these guys couldn’t be this great, or this successful, without diabolical assistance. He dug deeper and found lots of clues, like all of that “Paul is dead” stuff, and came to the conclusion that John Lennon made a pact with Satan in December, 1960, insuring his success. Evidently the rest of the band is blameless, especially Ringo, who didn’t come on the scene until a couple of years later. Also evidently, Paul and George were talented enough to become rich and successful without Satan’s help.

The writer figures these pacts for twenty years duration, so he runs the dates back from John Lennon’s unfortunate, unanticipated death by shooting in 1980. It would otherwise be difficult to understand the Beatles spending 1961 and most of 1962 entertaining two dozen Germans at a time for like no money.

The genius who has delivered this astonishing realization to the world is Joseph Niezgoda. I suppose he won’t mind me telling you all his name. Maybe somebody wants to buy the book.

I found out about this fascinating new book at World Net Daily Dot Com. (worldnetdaily.com) I don’t suppose they’ll mind my sharing this information either. They’re as crazy as Mr. Niezgoda. Check them out, especially if you agree that President Obama isn’t even an American citizen.

Somehow, John Lennon as a Satanist fits into the current right-wing agenda.


Vince said...

Being a huge fan of the Beatles all my life, I had a good chuckle over the far-out nature of this satanic theory. As talented as John Lennon was, after reading a lot about him, I don't think he had any satanic inclination, but he also didn't seem to be a very warm and fuzzy kind of guy - very talented no doubt!!

fred c said...

I respect the Beatles accomplishments, and I even particularly appreciate Mr. Lennon's solo-work, but I honestly think that he wasn't nearly deep enough to be a Satanist. His major obsession was himself.