Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thailight Zone: Thai-ed Up Again

Two weeks ago, Khun P., one of our department secretaries, told me that I would be proctoring tests this week, starting Monday, today. She is my usual conduit for such information. She couldn't tell me what building I'd be in, and neither could anyone else.

So this morning I got up early and made my way to school, dressed for the prom. I went to our department office, where by today they were supposed to have a list of test locations. Then I got Thai-ed up.

In the first place, the tests don't start until tomorrow. In the second place, my name is not on the list at all.

Pretty typical really.

Next weekend I'm teaching in Sukhothai, at least I think so. More than a month ago, Ajan K. told be I'd go to Sukhothai, and he gave me four possible weekends. I penciled them in. A few weeks ago he gave me the date: May 24th. This is standard procedure, I entered the date and made preparations.

I bought my plane ticket, and also booked and paid for a nice hotel, several days, Sukhothai is a big-time historical sight and I figured I'd make a trip of it. Friday, Ajan K. called me and told me to call another Ajan to check the date that I'd be teaching. Oh, I told him, whether I teach or not I'll be in Sukhothai next weekend. Why? he asked. Because, acting on your instructions, I have obtained and paid for a plane ticket and a resort hotel. His response? Ok, next week then.

Most Thais don't keep daily calendar schedules, and somehow it's not surprising. Planning it tough when the ground is constantly shifting.

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