Monday, May 4, 2009

Gambling, Fred Style

The Hatton/Pacquiao post generated a comment from "sports betting center," telling me that Manny would surely be the favorite against a returning Mayweather because he is, after all, "the best fighter pound-for-pound in the world."

I'm sorry, but betting is not one of my vices. If I remember right, the only fight I ever bet on was Roberto Duran v. Ray Leonard, the first fight, and I won five dollars. As is my custom, I then resolved never to bet on boxing again, to protect my perfect record!

I am also ahead in the California Lottery. My first one dollar ticket was a two dollar winner. I have spent a total of about twenty dollars on tickets, and one of them won a little more than fifty dollars. So I quit, again protecting the record of success.

Gambling is for suckers.

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