Saturday, May 2, 2009

Alert The Media: Amy Winehouse Not Dead

Not being British, and not thereby consumed by narrow, parochial issues, I could have been forgiven to wonder if Amy Winehouse had fallen off the earth. To wonder, more positively disposed to the affirmative of that proposition. But no, she is still with us. She moved to a new neighborhood and successfully petitioned a London court for relief from Paparazzi.

No new photographs, a shame, it's always interesting to observe her physical disintigration.


Vince said...

What a waste. I think her "Back to Black" CD is terrific. Excellent music. Love the song "Tears Dry On Their Own." Nothing new for quite some time now. I hope she gets it together.

fred c said...

I listened to that CD on a long flight one time, and I liked it a lot. She's a mess, though. It's a shame.

Anonymous said...

Dishes are done man. You ever see that video of Amy smoking crack? Its awsome, like suicide snuff films.


fred c said...

The girl had some talent, and she looked ok too, but she's lifestyling her way out the door. It's a waste (of good . . .).

Anonymous said...

Well OP & anonymous, I see you enjoy deviously observing the painful demise of the clearly-troubled Amy Winehouse. You are a couple of socially oblivious media whores who add no real substance to the world, natural selection will eliminate people like you because you are inferior in your thinking.
To quote the OP: "No new photographs, a shame, it's always interesting to observe her physical disintigration".

Well, shes dead now, and people like yourselves have been the tools and catalysts in her death. Hope you're proud you vile pieces of human excrement.

fred c said...

I didn't enjoy it at all, but it was fascinating to watch someone with so much talent, good looks and market position throw it all away, along with her life. If always being the most loaded person in the room was her marketing strategy, it kind of backfired. More likely she was a self-medicating depressive who succumbed to misadventure. Either way it was very sad, and I take no joy in it.