Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ode To Spin Easy Time

No, I’m not thinking about folding up my tent just yet. I’m just wondering about this whole blog thing. (Can you imagine? Microsoft Word still thinks that there is no such word as “blog?”)

Wandering into a magazine store as big as Dallas, with multiple-millions of titles on display, would closely approximate the reality of the Internet. Of the almost countless number, a large portion are blogs. Blogs about politics, animal husbandry, philatelism, defunct soft drink companies, anorexia nervosa, pro- and con, vampirism (“in our midst!”), Singapore lounge bands from the 1960’s, entertainers of every stripe, amateur pornography, all sides of every earthly conflict, past, present and future, ferrets as pets, and just any old thing you could think of, and lots of things that you’d never imagine in a million years. Most, though, are really about the personal experiences of one person, the blogger.

I am having fun writing Spin Easy Time. I am a lawyer, a teacher, and a writer, so obviously I am in love with my own voice and feel like I have a lot to say. I don’t harbor any illusions, though, about this blog being particularly wonderful. It’s all about me, and it suffers from the quality of the source material.

Maybe I should look around more, read more of other people’s musings. I am absolutely sure that many of them, probably thousands of them, are super-entertaining, many rising to the level of great art. It’s just mathematics: there are so many, there must be some Milton’s and some Blake’s out there. Not easy to find the great ones though.

So, gentle reader, while you are waiting for the great ones to come into focus, I offer my special thanks to everyone who has found this one, and my extravagant tearful gratitude to any readers who think kindly of it and/or me.


Anonymous said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. It is your blog, and should be about what you think! Keep musing, rambling and expounding on "deep" thoughts. I too, sufffer from the syndrome of being one's own worst critic. You're not alone.

I'm not from Newfoundland, but I did live in Italy for a while. The variations of nanute are: noof, noofie, noofa, noofahla and apparently neewfie.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'd compare blog-aramas to corner musicians. Tons of people drive by, bushels walk by and handfuls upon handfuls stop and gander, some even humming the tunes days later.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
Please take my comment & e-mail (dortmunder etc) of dec 30 requesting info on Memories site. My father found his way on through a friend. thank you. Its under Anonymous.