Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mr. Fred, No Nazi, He

Perhaps I should again clarify that Colonel Rudel was an unreconstructed Nazi until the peaceful, prosperous end of his life. Mr. Fred got no truck with that. Heroes come from losing sides too.

Check him out:

His totals are even more amazing than I have described. Oh, and I feel bad about all of the guys he killed, they didn't ask for it, they just got it, and I feel bad about everybody else who got it in that war too, including all the soldiers and all the civies and all the, well everybody, Japanese Soldiers flamed out in some cave, old ladies in Leningrad eating wallpaper, any soldier who had to fight in way sub-zero weather, all of the English soldiers and poor dead Blitztoten, American bomber pilots and every other kind, sailors, more than twice as many sailors died at Guadalcanal than Marines, Japanese civies in the boiling river trying to get away from the firestorm, Chinese victims of medical experiments, not to mention Nanking, the whole lot of them.

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