Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Chance Meeting


Cheerfulness I manufacture
Like a Chinese factory,
Manufacture toys for you,
Your exact specifications,
Anything you want or need.
You are just so wonderful!
Your happiness, my validation!
I love you, I find you so
Important! You, not me;
I’m here for just one purpose,
Different altogether.

I size you up and think:
What does this lovely person need?
To help them on their way,
This lonely, lonely day,
To help you if I may,
To surely find your way,
Through this cold, impersonal world.

The elevator ride is long,
The building tall, and just we two,
Our suits are pressed; our ties are straight,
But you are nervous, I can see,
A heavy case, and a lap-top.
“You look great,” I smile and say,
“They will love you,” and it’s true,
“They will want what you will offer,
Give ‘em hell,” I’ve said my piece.

Smiling now at one another,
“Thanks!” you say, now quite relaxed.
Your burden eased by my good cheer,
And I’m content, my burden too
Is lifted, burden that I carry,
Somehow lightened now as well,
My fellowship has helped us both,
And I am happy.


Anonymous said...

Chinese no Irish more bettah. Chinese methodology would have you not put yourself in a position to interfere with said person's fate!~ I have no doubt that our neighbors across the street in the powder blue plastic coated homestead are planing to vote for [redacted]. Which I'm taking to mean, "Unprintable".

fred c said...

Redacted means "removed by censors"