Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mr. Fred's Poetry Corner

Cheerfulness in Our Lifetimes

The very next time I find myself
In a cheerful and expansive mood,
I promise to my loyal fans
To write a poem that will ride
A cheerful and expansive vibe
Around the whole wide blessed world,
Melting hearts and healing souls,
To set forever down in stone
My name, as bringer of a great,
And lasting restful peace at last
To our beloved floating orb,
To spin forever more in bliss,
And live no more in horror, fear,
And all the rest, our lives to date.

But I’m afraid I must confess,
It may be some time yet in coming.
Because my friends, don’t hold your breaths.
The wheel of fortune that’s my life
Delivers so infrequently
The real and natural cheerfulness
That such a poem would require.
So my advice to you and you
Is make your own damn cheerfulness,
What am I, your fucking crutch?
Good luck, though, and promise to share
Anything you think would help
Your charming, although very sad
Content provider.

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