Friday, September 7, 2018

Thee Lakesiders - Parachute

This kind of material, and this kind of an act in the first place, are the great gift of YouTube. There's no commercial potential here, but let's make this as great as we can, put it up, and see what happens! 

The attention to detail in this video is really impressive. The couple are both very attractive; the make-up and costumes are perfect; the production for the song is just right; and the video is compelling. The L.A. River in East L.A. is iconic, and look! That's Boyle Heights in the long shots! The close up of her shoes towards the end almost made me cry. 

California was Latino long before it became a state. Many of these Latino families were living in North America long, long before any of my progenitors had even gotten the idea to give America a try. Hell, the Latino families were here before there even was an America. It's all part of MY culture too, by now. The Brown Sound is part of the sound in my head. 

And I appreciate it. 

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