Monday, September 24, 2018

Archie Sheep - Rufus (Swung His Face At Last To The Wind, Then His Neck ...

This song sounds exactly like I feel today. Maybe it sounds better than I feel, but it does capture some of the tense, explosive quality of it. You've got people, life, fate, and the world. That's a real race to the bottom, don't you think? All of my life I've known people who didn't seem to mind at all, who didn't seem to see the frantic, horrible desperation of it all. I have always wondered how they did it, how they just smiled through it and mastered it and prospered. I don't get that part at all. I don't find it heroic, just amazing. 

I try to roll with the punches, and somehow I make it to the end of the round, and with little enthusiasm for the enterprise I answer the bell for the next round. Seven decades now! There have always been times, though, when I get pinned against the ropes and take a real beating. I really wonder why anybody bothers. 

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