Saturday, August 26, 2017

Internet Comments Are Boss

The Internet! We all love it. It’s the one thing that we can all agree on. One of my favorite aspects of the Internet is that there are comments attached to most things. These comments can be a real education for anyone interested in the psyche of Twenty-First Century Americans.

“Allen West Exposes Reason For USS McCain Crash”

“I can’t believe that traitor has a ship named after him.”
(This error was immediately rectified by helpful comments from people who pointed out that the ship is named after the other two John Sydney McCains.)

“Yeah, let an illegal niqqr be POTUS. Everyone that supported and voted for Barrak should be shot as traitors.”
(Is that spelling to get around YouTube rules that are meant to encourage civility? They don’t work as well as planned.)

S-A-B-A-T-A-G-E,… did I spell it right?....
(Next time try typing in the word just to find out that it should be sabotage. Auto Correct is evil, but Spell Check can be your friend.)

james williams
“I hope I live long enough to see Obama dead.”
(Many people write things like this under what may be their own names.)

Harris Anne
“Rename it the USS RONALD REAGAN.”
(There already is a USS Ronald Reagan.)

Exposing the Darkness with the Light of Truth
(Mr. or Ms Exposing the Darkness with the Light of Truth has a lot to learn about click-bait.)

“I’m wondering if Russia and China don’t have new radar blocking capabilities slowing them to go undetected in air and sea.”
(And a Harry Potter Cloak of Invisibility, too. Thanks, Autocorrect, for adding a nice touch.)

“mccain should be stricken from the records like he never existed & obama & the clintons &&&&”
(Lots of hate here for Senator McCain. Long time readers will recall that I hated him before it was popular.)

Joseph N. Pollaro
“McMasters is the cause – he is a deep state traitor, lock him up.”
(I did not see this one coming.)

“crash McCain was in charge, that’s why.”
(Lots of name confusion, too. That’s what happens when families use the same names over and over. It’s hell on the insurance companies. “. . . to John Sidney McCain, but if John Sidney McCain predeceases me, then to John Sidney McCain.”)

joe s
“Blame the total POS Obummer, aren’t you dimwits glad you voted for the KOOL guy? What a bunch of moon bats.”
(Allen West draws a very anti-Obama crowd.)

william mize
“Can you say Mia he was no guest of who? Vitnamese snipes wow”
(I think that I know where he was going with this, before he got lost.)

Stevo Reno
“Video gamer’s running (running a-ground) real war ships……..Men & women & trannies and all getting it on (on deck)”
(Stevo has obviously considered this problem in detail.)

Steve Carlson
“There weren’t enough shemales, gays, women and of course lesbos aboard her. Too many men. We need more diversity and perversity you know.”
(Steve goes to the same church as Stevo Reno.)

“Obama did everything he could to destroy the military. He almost did. Thank God for Trump.”
(It’s August 26, 2017. You don’t see as many “Thank God for Trump” comments as you did six months ago.)

Roudy One
“china and russia are hacking our satellite guidance systems with russian and chinese satellites  easy to see:\”
(It’s very interesting that the words “Russia and China” seem to come out in one breathe among the paranoid classes.)

Charlie K
“There is a man who is calling a spade a spade.”
(And the man himself is a spade! Charlie missed a great chance to say, “there is a spade who is calling a spade a spade.”)

Robert Garrison
“They are using a localized EMP weapon. Not hacking.”
(I enjoy the rhythm of the hacking/EMP idea, but orchestrating the hacking and the crash at sea would be a huge challenge.)

Seeker After Knowledge
“This is hate wing nut bullshit.”
(Thank you, Seeker After Knowledge, for getting right to the point.)

Internet comments are always fun. This particular thread is refreshingly light on the ad hominem attacks, but the anti-Obama thing is still going strong. I was surprised at the level of obloquy directed at McCain, who is a white Republican with good PR over the years. I guess nobody is safe anymore.  

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