Monday, May 8, 2017

Eddie Constantine ♫ Je suis un sentimental ♫

I knew Eddie Constantine from his portrayal of Lemmy Caution in a couple of mediocre French detective B-movies and most notably in "Alphaville," which is excellent. Silly me, I've always thought of him as a French actor.

BUT, in reality, he was an American singer who made quite a career for himself in France, including a side career as an actor in French movies. The French thought that his American accent (in French) was cute! These things are like onions, many layers to be pealed back.

If you'd like to see one of Eddie's gangster B movies, "Hail! Mafia" (1965) might be fun for you to watch. It's a French-Italian production where the action takes place mostly in France and the dialog is all in English. It's on YouTube.

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