Friday, January 13, 2017

Tell Me Again: Why Are We No Longer Friends With The Chinese?

Only the first three minutes is marching. What follows is about training. The marching is very good.

Very impressive that the Chinese show-troops can actually Goose-Step vigorously without bouncing like those awful North Koreans. Precision marching is meant to intimidate opponents, and bouncing is silly. You must always avoid looking silly if you want to intimidate opponents.

The precision is top-notch in this video. Large numbers of show-troops marching along with almost perfect precision. I'm impressed, but somehow I'm not quite intimidated.

My favorites are the French Foreign Legion. They've got that slow march beat, along with terrific precision. I love that the engineers march with shovels on their shoulders instead of rifles. They march to what Ray Charles called "the Death Beat," which was so slow that his band complained about it being hard to keep up with. Now that's intimidating. I should look up a video.

But the Chinese. Nothing wrong with their military. Look it up, World War II, Korea, they were good. Great march discipline; fire discipline; limitless courage. Those things are really intimidating. Now that they actually have modern weapons, you'd better believe that they are a force to be reckoned with. On the ground, anyway. (No disparagement intended, nor any taken, probably. The rest will follow, and the Chinese are patient people.)

It's a shame that we now have a (redacted) who is in the pocket of the current crop of despots in Russia. Those Russian puppet-masters want America to challenge the Chinese in the South China Sea (already in progress, check), and start to bother them about trade and other economic issues (yup, check). It's a shame. You know that the Russians will not bother using KY, and they will not even think about saying thank you after they fuck us silly. They'll just laugh behind our backs and not pay (redacted) what they promised.

Big shame. We have a not entirely bad history with the Chinese, and a great number of them have become really first class Americans. We should be friends! It's a shame.

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fred c said...

Someone on Facebook asked my for "proof" about that puppet crack. Well, I'm afraid that we'll have to wait about ten years for a good unauthorized biography of DJT for chapter and verse for all of his machinations in all of this. But in the meantime, there are dozens of cracks and Tweets about Taiwan and Chinese business practices, false bravado about the South China Seas, extravagant praise for Putin, refusing to believe intelligence reports about the hacking routine, hints that sanctions will be lifted, never mentioning the Ukraine or the Crimea (part of the Ukraine that has already been annexed to Russia), and frankly I'm getting tired of typing. It's late. Good night!