Saturday, March 19, 2016

Joe Bataan - The Bottle (La Botella) (1975)

I've always thought that Joe Bataan was one of the Newyorican guys, him recording for Fania and all. Sometimes it pays to look things up.

Turns out that his dad was Filipino and his mom was American black. Real name: Bataan Nitillano. He did grow up in East Harlem, though, and the vibe sunk in.

I've got this record. Well, somebody else has it now, along with all of my other records. At least they're all in one place! Ha, like I'll ever see them again. (End of bitter interlude.)

These Fania bands were so great. Great musicians; great swing. If you're looking, you can't go wrong with the Fania All Stars. Those are some great LPs.

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