Sunday, March 27, 2016

Eddie Hodges - Girls Girls Girls (Made To Love)

Eddie actually attended my high school for a year or two, around '63, '64. I believe that his parents wanted to socialize him a bit. He'd been leading the sheltered, show business life pretty much all of his life. Not a bad kid, though.

He even traveled with us, after school anyway. There were city buses lined up outside so that we didn't have to go and take regular buses with the general citizenry. You know, to spare the citizens some grief. Eddie took it all pretty well. The bullies knew enough not to really lay into him, but he took a bit of teasing. Took it pretty well, I'd say. Maybe he was just confident, or maybe he was oblivious. Who knows? I never really talked to him.

I was one of the few who had seen him on Broadway. I'd seen "The Music Man," that would be around 1960. My parents took me.

I'll say this: the boy had great clothes. We had to wear a jacket and tie every day. Not necessarily a suit, but decent pants and a sports jacket and tie. Conservative shirts and ties. The hot set-up at the time was Continental Cut suits, and Eddie had a bunch of them. Sharkskin in many different shades of grey. Man, that cat was clean, as they say, or said.

Perhaps I'll ask Professor Google if Eddie is still alive. That's a good place to start.

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