Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Music For Winners: Eddie Floyd - Knock On Wood

Marco Rubio (!) got way too much credit today for coming in third in the Iowa caucuses. Only impressive because there's what, a dozen of them in that race? Oooooh! He beat Kasich! He even beat that hopeless schlemiel John Bush! The CNN reporter then asked him, so, you're a music fan, what are you listening to today? I forget what he said, something dull and predictable. What should people listen to, if they want to win?

I always say that law school was kind of fun, but I would never say that it was not stressful. First semester tests were the worst, because none of us was sure that we could even get it together. Myself, I got a terrible rash waiting for the results. It cleared up immediately when the grades were posted, because I did fine. Thereafter I had a secret weapon for tests. A cassette labeled "Victory Music."  I'd play it in the car on the way to school on test day. It was all Stax/Volt/Enterprise, plus Wilson Picket, James Brown and Aretha Franklin. Stuff like this cut by Eddie Floyd.

Man, that cassette put me in the mood to kick ass and take names. "Watch out, motherfuckers," I'd be thinking, "they mark this shit on a curve and I'm here to eat your lunch." It worked for three years. I played it before every day of the bar exam, too. Kicked . . . Ass.

Eddie Floyd is not an famous man, that's for sure. But this cut buys him a ticket on the express train to immortality. A classic.

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