Friday, January 29, 2016

The Night Is Still Young - Pizzicato Five

Speaking of talented, underrated foreigners . . . Pizzicato Five!

YouTube story: I just now wanted to look this up on the 'Tube, but I had forgotten the title. I put in, "Tokyo wa noria shichigi," the first line in phonetic Japanese. Came up right away, at the top of the list. YouTube is getting much, much better at finding the stuff you're looking for.

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fred c said...

Great video, too. I left a comment on the YouTube ten months ago, bemoaning the low hit count. I notice that it's gone way up in the meantime. I'd love to see Pizzicato Five get more play, even though they're long gone by now. There's a reason that this year, for the first time, back catalog sales exceeded sales of new material. There's just a ton of great stuff back there by now.