Monday, January 4, 2016

Drinking Electricity - Shaking all over

You find the damnedest things on the Internet. Just stumbling around, you know, they present themselves.

Cool Website Alert!

This is a site from a German gentleman who has something of an obsession with the song, "Shakin All Over." He's put together a nice web site that's devoted to it, and he is compiling a set of twelve CDs that consist of nothing but covers of Shakin All Over.  (He's up to CD number seven, with plenty of versions left for the rest.) He puts the CDs together, he says, with an eye to blending the styles so that there's plenty of variety to the exercise and no one will get tired of listening to Shakin All Over, over and over again.

I copied off some of the band names from the CDs, and this was one of them. Even some of the obscure ones are on the 'Tube.

They can sure get carried away, those Fritzes. I love them, I do, but you've got to wonder sometimes. I speak the language, and I've traveled there twice and I have always been treated very well, but you have to be careful.  There are rules, you know. If you put your fork and spoon in the wrong place they'll yank the whole plate away before you know it. Rules.

"Drinking Electricity" is a cute name for a band. I should look them up, find out where they came from. Pretty good cut. Yes, this whole Internet thing is getting more interesting every day.

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fred c said...

Drinking Electricity were a Scottish punk band in the 1980s.